Our Products


Skyko's range of aviation support products is backed by decades of real-world experience and is marked by the highest quality and reliability in the industry.

Innovative Technologies

Skyko is committed to innovative development of new products that solves problems and/or just simply to provide an overall high-level-of-performance, resulting in lower operational and maintenance costs.

As a case in point, Skyko's new Ground Power Adapter greatly improves both the performance and reliability of the aircraft power receptacle. The ground power adaptor fits over the existing receptacle allowing the worn receptacle pins to be replaced by new pins. This allows the aircraft to use ground power sources until the airline finds the time to replace the installed ground power receptacle.


Skyko International also manufactures PCA Connectors per STANAG No. 3208, insulated and non-insulated preconditioned lay flat flexible air duct, insulated and non-insulated spiral hose, and tapered adaptors. We also have a full line of potable water service; fill coupling and specialty fill couplings, lavatory service fill/flush couplings, and lavatory service drain couplings and fill/flush caps.

Skyko also stocks air start coupling and air start hose and we can assemble these products with scuff protection.

We stock and assemble LPA Niphan System’s full line of field installable 400HZ connectors, 28.5 Volt DC connectors, switch plugs and support parts for their connectors. LPA connectors are fully field-repairable, such as their D410 series and their N27 line of switch plugs. Skyko and LPA offers a line of connectors that have a 90% switch in the “F” relay. We also offer both molded and attachable connectors with voltage sensing capabilities for generators that are controlled by voltage sensing rather than current sensing.

Skyko also offers a full line of our trade marked Break-A-Way© Products for portable generating equipment and airport gate operations.

Deschamps Mat Systems

Skyko International is the North American representative for DMS (Deschamps Mat Systems). DMS manufactures a complete line of aircraft recovery systems. The one and only system with aircraft and recovery equipment access mats. DMS also has complete systems for access to the stranded aircraft for removal of fuel, cargo, and equipment and for the dispensing and recovery of the mats. The DMS System, more importantly, allows for not only the speedy and safe recovery of an aircraft, but prevents additional damage from being done to the aircraft during the removal process. The DMS system also grants the airport itself to return to normal operations more quickly. 

Other products from Skyko include:

  • Gleason Reels
  • Preconditioned air hoses
  • Air starting hoses
  • Frequency converters
  • Used ground service equipment
  • Accessories
  • Omni Directional Vehicles
  • Electrical products used on aircraft such as relays, contacts, and switches