Welcome to Skyko International


We manufacture ground power connectors for the airline industry and power cable assemblies for the undersea operations sector.

Aircraft Ground Power Assemblies are required to deliver ground power to aircraft when parked or in hangers when undergoing inspection or repair. The Skyko International manufactures 400 Hz AC ground power assemblies, 28 Volt DC ground power assemblies for use in the ground support of aircraft in both the commercial and military markets. Our products support mainline aircraft, regional aircraft, turbo props, business jets, and military aircraft. We manufacture our products to MS 25486, MS 25488, ISO 461.1, 461.2, MS 903286, Mil C 7974. The electrical cable used by Skyko is qualified to Mil-C-5756. Skyko International also manufactures the 270 Volt DC ground power assembly for the F-22 and F-35 aircraft.

Skyko International manufactures the DC fast charging assembly used by the Posicharge System, which is a product of Aerovironment, Inc.

In undersea applications, the company’s cable assemblies connect all operating parts of the Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV), including information processing, motors, tools, accessory equipment, lighting and cameras.