Break-A-WayThe Break-A-Way is a product I first conceptualized for Eagle Airlines, to solve a long standing problem of GPU Drive-A-Ways.

In a ramp environment, the ground support employee and equipment are always responsible for the delays of an aircraft. So, in an intense, high pressure noisy environment, airline employees routinely fail to check all the equipment, only to drive off to their next intended aircraft neglecting to unplug the ground power assembly. What remains is aircraft, rendered useless for passenger transportation.

Employee turnover rate is also very problematic in a high stress environment. Thus GPU training becomes a continuous process. Employee training considerations include a busy work environment, danger, noise, and pressure; all Beforeplay a major role in training aircraft personnel to go through a 'mental check list' before launching an aircraft. Subcontractors cleaning an aircraft after hours are also unfamiliar with ramp procedures. They are also in need of training for proper handling of removal of a generator,prior to performing their assigned duties.

BANG! There you have it! Damage from GPU Pull-A-Way and the aircraft is grounded. Don't get off to a bad start. Buy yourself some peace of mind and look before or find yourself behind, as in you may delay, airline schedules will not. Put an end to your problem with a proven system to protect your aircraft from an unintentional GPU Pull-A-Way.